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Mechanical Media

Content Management Systems Used

  • Processwire
  • Expression Engine
  • Vanilla Discussions
  • MIcrosoft Sharepoint

Mechanical Media can help install maintain and host a range of intranet and internet Frameworks and Management systems used by small and medium businesses.


Hosted or inhouse sharepoint installations help document management of professional businesses. Create, share and distribute spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and pdfs among team members and clients.


ProcessWire is a free content management system and framework (Open source CMS/CMF). Built to save your time and the work you would do. ProcessWire gives simpler and stronger control over your pages, fields, templates and markup at any scale.

Managing a site in ProcessWire is shockingly easy and fun compared to what you may be used to. Please visit more about processwire from the official website.

Built with bootstrap

Our sites are designed to look great on mobile and tablet devices as well as wide screen desktops. Our data shows that more than 50% of our site's visitors are accessing them through mobile devices. Let Mechanical Media update your site so you can present your content to everyone.

Google Plus Administration

Mechanical Media offers Google+ page design and administration. Let us customize your your Google Plus page and make your site stand out. We can administrate your Adwords, analytics and plus page to attract more visitors to your site.

Medical & Dental

Our web design agency in South Bend, Indiana has the experience and expertise to create modern medical and dental websites that are ethical and HIPAA compliant.

Fullwidth layout / Responsive

Responsive designed to any device width layout.

Mechanical Media supports Motorcycle Trials

Technology and features

We use latest technologies and frameworks to develop handcraft websites.

Features that we use

  • Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Full Responsive design
  • Easy to maintain and customize
  • Use less for css flexibility
  • Sites that support IE 10+ and other browsers.

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  • Let us automate your website with modern Content Management Frameworks and Systems.

    Mechanical Media
  • Search Engine Optimization is part of our basic package when you decide to partner with Mechanical Media for your website design and hosting.

    Automation by Mechanical Media

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